With the ship sinking, they've got surprised by finding themselves at an unknown place underwater, will they survive through this?


Quest Details

Stage Stamina Exp Gila Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
1 8 8 125-165 Knight's Shield +5 Short Wand +5 (C)Corps Officer Lv6(water)
2 8 8 125-165 Chainmail +5 (C)Poseidon Lv6(water) (C)Macho Rabbit Lv6(fire)
3 8 8 125-165 Round Shield +5 (C)Shadow Knight Lv6(earth) (C)Masked Fairy Lv6(water)
4 8 8 125-165 Sorcerer's Robe +5 Spear +5 (C)Alice Lv6(water)
5 10 8 125-165 Crystal Bracelet +5 Magician Clothes +5 (UC)Mage of Explosion Lamia Lv1
Boss - Golden Warrior HP: 40000 (UC)Mobile Girl Delta Lv1(earth)

_______________________________________________________________________________________Quote at Ending

Sir Knight! We finally made into the surface!

Huh. is that... a bird?

Nah, it's way too big! It's a monster!!

If you look more carefully, there are a lot of monsters!

I, i've heard about this place... This is an island where huge ancient creatures live, it's called The Paradise of the Strong.

For sure somewhere on this island there should be a cave which leads to a parallel world.

The witches probably headed there!

Let's have a look!