After getting out of the Temple, they find themselves at the Coast of Twilight.


Quest Details

Stage Stamina Exp Gila Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
1 5 5 60-100 Scripture of Immortality Mirror Shield (C)Demon Lv1(fire)
2 5 5 60-100 Magician Clothes Full Plate Armor (C)Alice Lv1(water)
3 5 5 60-100 Mace Longsword (C)Angel Lv1(wind)
4 5 5 60-100 Medusa Shield Knife (C)Ieyasu Lv1(earth)
5 5 5 60-100 Breastplate Axe (C)Devilish Priest Lv1(earth)
Boss - Werewolf HP: 14000 (UC)Tsukasa of Azure Spear(earth)


Quote at Ending

Sir Knight...? Can you see something ahead on coastline...?

Somehow... vaguely...?

Oh! That is the legendary Mirage Tower!

You did it! The Coast of Twilight ends here!

In that legendary Mirage Tower lays hidden treasure in which the evil of the world is sealed!

Finally, this is the end! Time to Save the World.

All of sudden, i feel super motivated too!

Just a little bit more! Do your best! Let's aim for the top floor of the tower!