The group continue their adventure through the secret passage, where this may lead?


Quest Details

Stage Stamina Exp Gila Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
1 8 8 115-155 Katana +3 (C)Devilish Priest Lv6(earth) (C)Witch Lv6(water)
2 8 8 115-155 Aura Shield +3 (C)Sarasvati Lv6(fire) (C)Ishtar Lv6(wind)
3 8 8 115-155 Earth Garment +3 (C)Thunder God Lv6(wind) (C)Alchemist Lv6(earth)
4 8 8 115-155 Moon Wand +3 (C)Witch Lv6(water) (C)Nine-Tailed Fox Lv6(fire)
5 8 8 115-155 Crystal Mail +3 (C)White Tiger Lv6(wind) (C)Sarasvati Lv6(fire)
Boss - Tornado Genie HP: 32000 (UC)Mage of Explosion Lamia Lv1(fire)


Quote at Ending

Sir Knight! We made it through the cave...!

Huh? Is that... the sea?

Sir Knight, we've come out to the sea.

I wonder if the witches crossed it... if so, where were they heading to?

Ah! Take a look at that pier! There's a ship docked there!

Perhaps the witches have boarded that ship!

Let's get onboard it as well before they escape!