After you enter in this map, this is what you will find


Quest Details

Stage Stamina Exp Gila Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
1 2 2 20-50 (C)Card Soldier Lv1 (earth) (C)Masked Fairy Lv1 (water) Short Sword
2 2 2 20-50 (C)Macho Rabbit Lv1(fire) Agate Bracelet Adventurer's Cloths
3 2 2 20-50 (C)Bull Pig Lv1(wind) (C)Corps Officer Lv1(water) Short Wand
4 2 2 20-50 (C)Shadow Knight(earth) Buckler Adventurer's Cloths
5 2 2 20-50 (C)Salamander Lv1(fire) (C)Bull Pig Lv1(wind) Robe
Boss - Baby Dragon HP: 6000 (UC)Elle of Lonely Fire Lv1 (fire)


Quote at Ending

Sir Knight! The Road of Departure is already behind you!

You can now see the Forest of Sunlight Ahead.

What a scenic Place!

In times when there weren't so many monsters, many people once visited here for picnics!

It was also the homeland of delectable "acorn mushrooms" and "mushroom acorns"!

Very tasty!

Well, let's get to it and head to the next location!