Summary: What you really must pick up from the Roc(the Bird boss monsters(Roc (from the Arabic and Persian رخ Rokh or Rukh) is an enormous legendary bird of prey.)) is a fire mail, a fire shield is a bonus. I don't think there's any other free fire armor we can get currently, and fire left hander isn't available til L9 arena win (not easy) if you miss the fire shield. Everything else you can pick up from arena and quest, including the superior 50% version of air, water and earth armor.

Fire Left hand: 30-Dragon scale (From L9 arena win), 30-Fire shield (T5 Roc)

Fire armor: 30-Fire mail (T5 Roc)

Water Left hand: 30-Crystal bracelet (Q7-5 and arena drop, L2 win for example), 30-Ice shield (T5 Roc)

Water Armor: 50- Pirate clothes (L8 Arena Win), 30-Ice mail (T5 Roc)

Earth Left hand: 30-Diamond Bangle (q13-2 and L7 arena lose), 30-earth shield (Roc)

Earth armor: 50-Earth garment (Q15-3), thx to silvanya who pmed me earlier and karrara who added to thread =3, 30-earth mail (Roc)

Wind left hand: 30-wind shield (Roc), 30-heavenly scroll (L8 arena win)

Wind armor: 50-Wind clothing (Q13-5, Arena L7 Win), 50-Solider clothing (Q20-3, Arena L9 Lose), 30-wind mail (Roc)

Credits: Genesis/Ika