After exiting Windy Cave, you get to Forest of Morning Fog


Quest Details

Stage Stamina Exp Gila Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
1 3 3 40-80 (C)Horned Demon Lv1(earth) (C)Priestess of Fortune Lv1(fire) Breastplate
2 3 3 40-80 Large Shield Long Wand (C)Archangel Lv1(wind)
3 3 3 40-80 (C)Bull Pig Lv1(wind) (C)Ieyasu Lv1(earth) Club
4 3 3 40-80 (C)Masked Fairy Lv1(water) (C)Siren Lv1(water) Magic School Uniform
5 4 3 40-80 Breastplate Encyclopedia of Magic (UC)Elle of Lonely Fire Lv1(fire)
Boss - Slug King HP: 10000 (UC)Tsukasa of Azure Spear Lv1(earth)


Quote at Ending

Oh, Sir Knight! The Fog has dissipated!

It seems that we have left the Forest of Morning Fog!

And with that... There it is!

You can see the Temple of the Water Spirits!

The Temple of the Water Spirits, a temple to worship the spirits of the sea, seems to have been built in days long ago.

When we make it through this place, we should come out to the shore of the legendary tower!

Gather up your fighting spirit, and let's go!