Lord of ValkyrieEdit

This is a fan made wiki for DMM's browser H-game Lord of Walkure ported into an English version courtesy of Nutaku.

Rescue Valkyries imprisoned by monsters, and fight along with them to bring peace back to the world!

You will progress through the game by completing quests. During the quests you will obtain various cards and equipment. You can also make your character stronger by raising your level. 

During your adventure, you will encounter powerful mega bosses. By defeating these monsters you can obtain rare cards so cooperate with your comrades and fight!

Matches are where you can pit your abilities fighting against other players. When you achieve a specific number of victories, you will receive powerful equipment as a reward. Even when you lose, you will still get a reward for participation so take part in these tournaments as long as you have the force to do so!

You can obtain even more powerful cards and items in lotteries. You can participate in normal lotteries by using lottery points obtained, for instance, as login bonuses; there are also card lotteries and item lotteries for which lottery gold is required.


As of now limited information is available about events. It is speculated to begin mid January 2015 with investigation dungeons and more cards added in later patches.

Latest activityEdit

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