Full of emotions and animation, both think they are getting near the final battle, but...


Quest Details

Stage Stamina Exp Gila Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
1 6 6 70-110 Knife Oak Staff (C)Poseidon Lv2(water)
2 6 6 70-110 Full Plate Armor Clothes of Fur (C)Priestess of Fortune Lv2(fire)
3 6 6 70-110 Scripture of Immortality Mirror Shield (C)Archangel Lv2(wind)
4 6 6 70-110 Knight's Shield Mithrill Sword (C)Captain Kid Lv2(earth)
5 6 6 70-110 Mithrill Chain (C)Libra Witch Lv2(water) (C)Bull Pig Lv2(wind)
Boss - Golem HP: 16000 (UC)Rukia of Jade Blade Lv1(wind)


Quote at Ending

Sir Knight! We've arrived at the top floor of Mirage Tower!

It was a long, long journey!!

Oh, i can't hold back the tears...!!

The Legendary Treasure is on that pedestal... huh?


There's no treasure? No legendary hidden treasure? No Way! Despite all we've done to get here?!

... Huh? What's that...?

This, this is the mark of the Witches' Teleportation Team!!

Sir Knight!

Apparently, the witches stole the treasure before us! This is unforgivable! After all we've done, suffering through so many hardships!

Our only choice is to attack the Witches'Habitat!!

Give 'em a good one-two punch!!

From here, the Witches'Habitat is far up north, across the Sacred Montain of Driffting Snow.

Let's take back the treasure before it's used for evil purposes!