This is the point of beginning with the story, here you start learning the basics about quests through the guidance of Navi.


Quest Details

Stage Stamina Exp Gila Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
1 1 1 20-40 (C)Card Soldier Lv1 (earth) (C)Corps Officer Lv1 (water) Pot Lid
2 1 1 20-40 Ladle Buckler Straw Covering
3 1 1 20-40 Pot Lid (C)Bull Pig Lv1 (wind) (C)Shadow Knight Lv1 (earth)
4 1 1 20-40 Ladle (C)Salamander Lv1 (fire) (C)Bull Pig Lv1 (wind)
5 1 1 20-40 Short Wand Pot Lid Straw Covering
Boss - Winged Slime HP: 5000 (UC)Elle of Lonely Fire Lv1 (fire)


Quote at ending

Splendid, Sir Knight!

You seem to have got a holding of battle.

Well then, let's go! On to our great adventure!

Tradition says that in a tower in the far Eastern Lands lies a hidden treasure in which evil of the world is sealed.

The way looks to be a very long one, but you will make it, Sir Knight!

Without delay, let's get started from the Road of Departure, and aim toward the Legendary Tower!