Matches are where you can pit your abilities fighting against other players. Each player has a rank which depends on his/her strength – you can raise your rank through a certain number of victories based on your current rank.

When you achieve a set number of victories, you will receive powerful equipment as a reward. Even when you lose, you will still get a reward for participation.

Matches consume a certain amount of force based on one’s rank.


All players start from rank 1. When you achieve a certain amount of victories, you will enter a rank up battle. By winning this battle, you will be promoted to the next rank. The power of the items you obtain as a reward will be appropriate to your new rank. Highest rank available currently is 9


Fighting with other players is performed automatically. Victory or defeat will be decided based on the player character’s abilities and the cards set in the deck. During series of battles, equipment and card deck cannot be changed.


During one series of battles, you can choose to reselect your battle opponents a total of 5 times. Use it when you think that a selected opponent currently is too strong for you.


You can ask your battle opponent to become your comrade.�You will become comrades when the opponent accepts your request.