After the witches steal the treasure, the heroes march towards their den.


Quest Details

Stage Stamina Exp Gila Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
1 5 5 80-120 Kniffe Oak Staff (C)Siren Lv1(water)
2 5 5 80-120 Apron Chainmail (C)Sparrow Swordsman Lv1(wind)
3 5 5 80-120 Agate Bracelet Large Shield (C)Masked Fairy Lv1(water)
4 5 5 80-120 Crystal Bracelet Longsword (C)Billiard Ball Lv1(earth)
5 7 5 80-120 Clothes of Fur (C)Macho Rabbit Lv1(fire) (UC)White Warrior Cecil Lv1(water)
Boss - Headless Horseman HP: 18000 (UC)Rukia of Jade Blade Lv1(wind)


Quote at Ending

Sir Knight... It's cold here... O, oh! Huh, it became a little bit warmer.

You did it! You crossed The Sacred Mountain of Drifting Snow!

Just a bit longer and i would have frozen solid!

Ahead of us is a place where spirits dwell. A place where people do not ordinarily enter, known as The Fountain of Spirits.

It's a very dangerous place for humans, so proceed with caution!