After getting to the forest this is what you will get


Quest Details

Stage Stamina Exp Gila Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
1 3 3 30-60 (C)Billiard Ball Lv1 (earth) (C)Alice Lv1 (water) Light Mail Armor
2 3 3 30-60 (C)Martian Girl Lv1 (fire) (C)Sparrow Swordsman Lv1 (wind) Round Shield
3 3 3 30-60 (C)Horned Demon Lv1(earth) Axe Apron
4 3 3 30-60 (C)Libra Witch Lv1(water) Club Jade Bracelet
5 3 3 30-60 (C)Demon Lv1(fire) Agate Bracelet Robe
Boss - Hell Demon HP: 7000 (UC)Elle of Lonely Fire Lv1 (fire)


Quote at Ending

Well, here we are, leaving the Florest of Sunlight!

...Phew! It's really hot, huh...

Look's like we've hit the rough spot of the journey, The Valley of Boiling Sand.

In the Valley of Boiling Sand hot wind blows violently all year round, and the monsters are also quite powerful!

Prepare yourself and let's give it a go!