This time, Knight and Navi got out from the misty forest and find themselves near this temple.


Quest Details

Stage Stamina Exp Gila Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
1 4 4 50-90 Mithrill Chain Cloths of Fur (C)Poseidon Lv1(water)
2 4 4 50-90 Magic Shield Medusa Shield (C)Siren Lv1(water)
3 4 4 50-90 Whip Mace (C)Devilish Priest Lv1(earth)
4 4 4 50-90 Spear Full Plate Armor (C)Chronos Lv1(wind)
5 4 4 50-90 Sorcerer's Robe Crystal Bracelet (C)Motionless King Lv1(fire)
Boss - Demon with Spear HP: 12000 (UC)Tsukasa o Azure Spear Lv1(earth)


Quote at Ending

Sir Knight! It's the exit to The Temple of the Water Spirits!

You did it!

Well, next up is the Coast of Twilight, a sealed coast where the water spirits live!

There are almost no adventurers who have survived to come this far!

As i thought, Sir Knight is surely a descendant of The Legendary Knight!

The legendary Mirage Tower is ahead of this coast!

Just a little bit more until we reach our target! Let's do our best!