After taking shelter into the cave, you proceed your adventure.


Quest Details

Stage Stamina Exp Gila Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
1 5 5 40-70 Longsword Large Shield (C)Horned Demon Lv1(earth)
2 5 5 40-70 Magic School Uniform Long Wand (C)Libra Witch Lv1(water)
3 5 5 40-70 Breastplate Encyclopedia of Magic (C)Demon Lv1(fire)
4 5 5 40-70 Longdsword Encyclopedia of Magic (C)Angel Lv1(wind)
5 5 5 40-70 (C)Demon Lv1(fire) (C)Billiard Ball Lv1(earth) Magic School Uniform
Boss - Demon with Club HP: 9000 (UC)Tsukasa of Azure Spear Lv1(earth)


Quote at Ending

Sir Knight! I can see the exit from Windy Cave ahead! It was quite long, wasn't it?

Next is the awaited Forest of Morning Fog, the always misty, mysterious forest.

Since long ago monsters have lived in this forest, even adventurers tries to avoid this dangerous area.

But you must pass from here if you wish to make it to the legendary tower!

I, Navi, will help you as much as i can so please, do your best!